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You’re not alone in navigating the complexities of administration, finance, and operations.
We’re your guiding light, steering your childcare center towards success.

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Discover our journey in becoming the bridge that connects Childcare Centers to their deserved success.

In a world where education and care lay the foundation for bright futures, we recognized the need for expert guidance in the realm of Childcare Centers. Our story began with a simple vision:
To be the guiding light for centers navigating the complex realms of administration, finance, and operation.

We’ve witnessed numerous Childcare Centers juggle between providing quality care and managing their back-end operations. We’ve learned how difficult this could be. We have tested and innovated new processes over the years while operating under one core principle:

To act as the enduring ally for your childcare center!

Because You Should Focus on Little Smiles, Not Big Piles of Paperwork!

Imagine a world where:
Administrative tasks are no longer a labyrinth but a straight, clear path, thanks to automated systems and expert support.
Financial management is not a source of dread but a wellspring of stability and growth, driven by streamlined processes and real-time insights.
Operational hurdles transform into stepping stones toward your success, with customized strategies designed for your center’s unique needs.

With our service, you can reclaim your time and return to what fueled your passion in the first place:
shaping young minds and hearts.

It’s time to turn the page, to start a new chapter where backend burdens dissolve into the background, and where your childcare center’s story shines.
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Schedule a free 30-minute session to discover how we can help you.

Our Services

In the world of Childcare Centers, achieving a harmonious balance between delivering quality care and handling intricate
administrative tasks is a challenge. We’ve crafted a suite of services tailored to lift those administrative burdens, allowing you
to focus solely on nurturing young minds

Virtual Assistant Services

Our Virtual Assistant service acts as an extension of your team, managing tasks with precision, dedication, and a personal touch

Human Resources Services

The heart of every Childcare Center is its team. Our Human Resources services ensure you attract, retain, and nurture the very best. Together, we’ll build a passionate team dedicated to your center’s vision.


The backbone of every organization is its dedicated team, and nothing speaks louder about an institution’s values than its commitment to timely and accurate compensation. Our Payroll service at [Your Company’s Name] has been crafted with meticulous care, ensuring that each member of your Childcare Center’s team feels valued and respected through punctual and accurate payments.

Bookkeeping Services

A successful Childcare Center thrives on financial clarity. Our Bookkeeping services are designed to provide a clear, organized view of your finances, ensuring every decision is backed by solid data.

Virtual Assistant Services

Task Management:

Every Childcare Center thrives on organized routines and precision. From class schedules to administrative duties, there’s a plethora of tasks that demand attention.

Our Task Management service ensures that your operations run like a well-oiled machine, every single day.

Data Management

In today’s digital age, data is invaluable. From student records to financial data, every piece of information plays a role in shaping decisions. Our Data Management service ensures that your center’s data is not only organized but also protected, making it easily accessible for informed decision-making.
Interested in transforming your Childcare Center? Let’s start a conversation.
Schedule a free 30-minute session to discover how we can help you.

Human Resources Services

Talent Acquisition:

We recognize the importance of matching the right talent with the right role. Our Talent Acquisition process is tailored to identify and onboard individuals who resonate with your center’s ethos and vision.

Training Programs:

Continuous learning is paramount. Our training programs are curated to equip your team with the latest methodologies, tools, and soft skills, ensuring they’re always a step ahead in delivering unparalleled care

Retention Strategies:

A happy, dedicated team is the cornerstone of a successful Childcare Center. Recognizing and rewarding excellence, providing avenues for growth, and creating a positive work environment are essential. Our retention strategies aim to create an ecosystem where every team member feels valued and motivated to give their best.


Tailored Compensation Structures:

Every Childcare Center has its unique compensation nuances – be it bonuses, allowances, or deductions. We customize the payroll process according to your center’s specific needs, ensuring every paycheck reflects the agreed terms.

Transparent Reporting:

Clarity is paramount. At the end of each payroll cycle, we provide detailed reports outlining all disbursements, deductions, and other payroll activities. This not only keeps management informed but also aids in financial planning.

Regulation and Tax Compliance:

With ever-evolving labor laws and tax regulations, staying compliant is crucial. Our team stays abreast of all changes, ensuring that your center is always in line with local and national mandates, avoiding penalties and ensuring peace of mind.

Bookkeeping Services

Financial Organization:

Financial clarity starts with impeccable organization. Our bookkeeping methods ensure that every transaction, be it a major investment or a minor expense, is meticulously logged and categorized.

Monthly Reports:

Beyond just recording transactions, understanding them is key. Our monthly financial reports transform raw data into actionable insights, providing a clear roadmap for your center’s future financial endeavors.

Tax Preparedness:

Tax season can be daunting, but with our expert bookkeeping services, it becomes a straightforward affair. We ensure that all financial records are tax-compliant, making the process of filing returns simple and efficient.
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Meet The Team

Jemelyn Cabatac

Accounting Manager

Sheryl Warag

Systems Administrator

Nico Sanchez

Operations Specialist

Alejandra Cedeno

Onboarding Specialist

Jose Gaibor

Marketing Manager

Walter Martin

Financial Controller

Each of our services is tailored to cater to the unique challenges faced by Childcare Centers, you’re not just outsourcing tasks; you’re partnering with a dedicated team invested in your center’s success. Let’s journey together towards unparalleled excellence.

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